AI & Robotics in 3067 BCE

This evening, I would like to narrate a story about an ancient robot. Robots and AI are said to be the latest discoveries but would you believe me if I say that it existed even before 3067 BCE. Unbelievable isn't it!

Would you believe me if I say that all the events during the war of Kurushetra in 3067 BCE was live-streamed and simultaneously watched and narrated by someone sitting miles away from the battleground!

The Creation

Barbarik was the son of Ghatotkach and the grandson of Bhima. The was an unusual personality with a metallic head and robotic body. Except for quickly recognizing human faces, he could do other things simultaneously. Barbarik’s mother Maurvi was a warrior and he too wanted to follow his mother. He was also a Lord Shiva devotee. Pleased with his devotion and talent, Lord Shiva blessed him with special powers, i.e., three special arrows. Later, he was offered a special bow by Lord Agni.


Lord Krishna, before the battle had asked great warriors from both Kauravas and Pandavas side that how many days would they take to end the battle alone (just a survey). Everyone answered that they would require more than 20 days except Barbarik. Barbarik said that it would take only 1 minute to end the battle alone. Lord Krishna was shocked after hearing that. Since he already knew that Barbarik is a great warrior, he wanted to know the reason behind his statement. Lord Krishna changed his “Avatar” and went in front of Barbarik. As stated, Barbarik was not very good with identifying faces, he could not understand who is infront of him. Lord Krishna asked Barbarik similar question in his new avatar and the answer was 1 minute. He decided to test his powers and Barbarik passed his test. Barbarik also stated the promise which he made to his mother before coming down to the war zone which said that whichever side was weak, Barbarik would support that side.

Barbarik’s three arrows were miraculous. The first one would destroy the marked objects which were supposed to be destroyed. The second arrow would save the marked objects which were supposed to be saved. And the third arrow would destroy any object left by arrow1 or destroy objects not marked by arrow2. In the end, all the arrows will return to Barbarik for reuse.

The Final Battle

Lord Krishna was scared after knowing the supernatural powers of his arrows and the fact that whichever side he fights for, the other side will be destroyed in a minute and then as per his promise to his mother, he would also destroy the other side. This, both the sides will be destroyed and none will win.

Then Lord Krishna asked Barbarik about whom would he support. His answer was since Kaurava’s army is larger than Pandava’s army so he would support Pandavas. Then when Kauravas will start loosing, he will change his side and attack Pandavas. Lord Krishna then asked for a charity from Barbarik, and that was his head. Listening to this, Barbarik asked him about his real identity. After finding out that it was Lord Krishna himself, Barbarik gave his head to him but mentioned his desire to watch everything happening in the battle. Lord Krishna agreed to this and tied three sticks to his head to give it a tripodal shape just like present-day drones. With this, Barbarik’s wish was fulfilled.

Miles away, Sanjaya was explaining all the events to Dhritarashtra. It is said that Sanjay was blessed with the power of seeing events at a distance. With this, the war ended, Barbarik’s head was buried in a place called Khatu in Rajasthan. After several hundred years, a king named Jai Singh discovered his head and since then it is worshipped as “ Shri Khatu Shyam ji” in Rajasthan and as “Baliyadev ji” in Gujarat.

The above story has no mention in Mahabharata but in Skanda puran, you will find it. It is even mentioned in one of the folklore of Nepal with a different name “Akash Bhairav”.

PS. The whole point of narrating this is how did people in 3067 BCE even have the idea of Robotics. Is it just that we are developing the old age trends? Are we weaving the already woven?

Thanks folks!




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